Punta Cana is the most visiting place in the Caribbean

Best Punt Cana Airport Transfers Guide

Best Guide for Punta Cana Airport Transfer Service

Today, it is easy and better to Book fast Punta Cana Transportation for your arrival at the International Airport. Dominican Service Transfer offers the best Punta Cana airport Transfers service to get to your hotel and from Punta Cana Airport through our entire Dominican Republic destination.

Our professional, reliable and courteous drivers in PUJ will take you to your destination safely and economically. The distance from Punta International Airport to Bavaro where biggest resort areas located is about 20 minutes.

Punta Cana is popular with tourists, business, and international travelers in whole Caribbean. Whether you’re looking for world class get away, culture, history, sightseeing, or just some fun in the sun in the Caribbean island, there is no better time and better way to start your trip with Dominican Service Transfer the leading Punta Cana Transportation.

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Punta Cana Airport Shuttles and VIP Punta Cana Transfers

Ensure your trip gets off to the best start by booking an airport shuttle or private transfer to and from Punta Cana Airport (PUJ). Choose from dozen of most reliable different transfer companies and book your transfer today


The Beneficial Reasons to Travel with Dominican Service Transfer through PUJ International Airport:

  • Reliable and on time.
  • Professionally trained, knowledgeable and safe drivers.
  • Late model, comfortable, well-maintained vehicles
  • Easy, secure online booking available 24/7.
  • Private Luxury car service available (SUV)
  • Less stress – avoid the hassles of driving yourself.


Upon booking, you are presented with a choice of different car classes: Business Class (our most popular ride), Business Van (for groups), and First Class (for those who require something extra special). Booking your trusted airport transfer can be made in a matter of seconds thanks to our easy to use website and app, so place your booking today!

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So Why Choose Airport transfers In Punta Cana With Us?

Booking an airport transfer in punta cana allows peace of mind when it comes out to travel as you taking Dominican republic for your destination plan. From luxury private SUV to shared shuttles, and everything in between, DST has made it simple for you to have price match market of airport transfer companies and book the right transport for you.


In Dominican Republic there are millions of visitors arrive into all continents to have one of few week vacation and enjoy the amazing Caribbean feel that is whey it ’s important to book airport transportation so that you can be sure you are ensure your starting regarding ground transportation in Punta Cana to your hotel or destination at a fair price and convenience that suits you.

Whether you’re a business traveller, a couple, a big group of friends or family travelling, by reserving your Punta Cana airport shuttle or private Luxury SUV you can have the reassurance and security that you’ll be picked up on time and taken straight to your home, hotel or attraction.



Punta Cana Airport Guide

Have you been looking for an airport transportation or private transfer to and from PUJ? Do you known to some in Dominican or you have some friend living there? Punta Cana is one of the best-known cities in the world when it comes to vacation and has something for everyone.

Ensure your trip to or from PUJ International airport gets off to the best start by booking your airport transfer on dominicanservicetransfer.com today.

Being the most populated city in the Dominican republic for after the capital city “Santo Domingo”, it’s not a wonder that Punta Cana International Airport is the 1rt busiest passenger airport in the caribbean, serving overmillion passengers each and every year.

Located in east part of the island, the best way to get to and from PUJ is by airport transfer.

Book your PUJ airport transfer with a shared shuttle, private transfer or even limousine service on dominicanservicetransfer.com to escape long taxi queues at the airport, avoid expensive airport parking fees and save yourself the worry about navigating the city’s infamous web of freeways.

At the airport punta cana terminal it’s offers a range of restaurants and shops. For business travellers it is provided services including WiFi, internet. WiFi and internet stations are available around the airport (free apply)at the current moment we writing this article, and ATMs are located in both departures and arrival in all terminals, with currency exchange available in selected arrival and departure terminals.



Executive Punta Cana airport transfers

Upon arrival into Punta Cana, the traffic can be overwhelming depending on the season you are traveling to. For those who are unfamiliar with the airport’s layout. Taxi lines are busy, loud and disorganized; an unpleasant first-experience for any visitor to the city.

Both business and leisure traveler will benefit from dominican airport transfer service, a comfortable and relax feels way With us, there is no need to battle the airport crowds, as your professional chauffeur will be waiting for you at the gate with a personalized sign to assist you with your luggage and escort you swiftly through the airport to your waiting private car.

All of our hand-picked chauffeurs are locally-knowledgeable, experienced professionals, committed to upholding the highest standards of service. That means no getting lost, no misunderstandings, and no worrying about getting the privacy you need to relax after a long flight and getting to your hotel.

Book your transportation from the airport Punta Cana in advance of your trip to avoid any headaches during your stay.


Different Type of Airport Transfers In Dominican Republic

punta cana airport transfer service

In the Dominican republic, there are many different types of airport Transfers. Most of them have been in the tourist industry for a long time. But when it comes to choosing which type of transfer you need is directly proportion from your what you prefer and how long is the drive to your end destination.

There are so many destinations available in the Island, That is one of the most paradise places to take your vacation in down Caribbean count with a large of variety beach with turquoise water and palm.

Whether you need airport transfer service from Punta Cana or from the Santo Domingo airport choosing according to the best option as everything to do with the place your flight landed.

List of Airport Transfer Service

  • Private airport transfer
  • Luxury airport transfer
  • Shuttle airport transfer
  • Taxi airport transfer
  • Share airport transfer
  • Vip airport transfer
  • Limo airport transfer
  • Minivan airport transfer
  • Group airport transfer
  • Business airport transfer
  • Rental car service transfer

Although we have a large of variety way you can go from the airport to your hotel or from the hotel to your departure airport. The choice is a lot and it makes easy as good for the guest to have at their disponibility different way to ride from land to start their adventure in the Dominican Republic.

It is very important to know that each and every type of transfer service is a charge accordingly to their rate industry fee.  Mean the price for Airport service transfer is different than the other service.

Meanwhile, you relax and enjoy your ride, comfort directly to your destination as same moment you can explore the view of the tropical count.


Most frequently asked questions what is the best Airport transfer service?

Choosing the way you want to ride to your hotel it will depend on what is your need and how you want to meet that needs. Because there are over 9 ways list above for getting into your accommodation in the island. 

If you are looking for a luxury transfer to the major comfort you need to pick up from the list. And if you want to have cheaper options as well there are the specific option for select.


Dominican Airport Transfer Service

Dominican Airport Transfer Service

Private in Republica Dominicana


Private airport transfer

With this cost-effective transportation option, you’ll share the vehicle with other customers arriving at the same time as you.

Luxury airport transfer

The luxury airport transfer with personal driver took you to the hotel. They drive a high new luxury car, most of the time are SUV, Limo etc…

Shuttle airport transfer

The shuttle airport transfer is the typical bus that picks up a group of people that can be family or any other group that good very kind of same moment. Many times those are people that book economic transfer and arrive mostly in the same flight

Taxi airport transfer

Taxis are very easily located in the airport and all major cities­, usually stationed outside of the exit gate airport and at major bus stations, or hotel and tourist zones. There are 24-hour taxi service companies that operate.

Shared airport transfer

This is a great option if you are traveling with family or in a small group and want to head directly to your hotel, without sharing your vehicle.

Vip airport transfer

 VIP Airport transfer service for a small group up to 5 passengers with their luggage Mostly this type of transfer are usually people that want to travel in high hand luxury car. Ans these kinds of people don’t want to share their transfer with another person.

Limo airport transfer

Taking limousine in Dominican is not very common but in Punta Cana airport is ok to find a limo to drive you because the Bavaro zone is very popular and commercial. One of the most expensive types of airport service transfer in the Dominican Republic.

Minivan airport transfer

The minivan is Smaller and sometimes privately-owned and operated minivan buses or in the Spanish language called guaguas travel daily. All taking travelers within the major cities, the cities transportation from the capital to any other countryside destination took guaguas to get where they want to go and tend to be a different color.

Group airport transfer

As  Dominican in the larger tourist places in the whole Caribbean. Group of people that travel together or by an agency. use more often a group of transfer to keep them together from coming or for leaving. To maintain all the organization up to the quantity.

Business airport transfer

Some company that already have in the destination any type of business and have employed a foreigner to work abroad. Have always business transfer service to be right waiting for the clients. 

Rental car service transfer

Car rentals are available, from the airport you can rent a car to drive around the island but keep in mind the drivers in the Dominican drive like crazy. The Local drivers can overpass you without warning without or any type of signals turn.

private airport transfer Service

Is Dominican Airport Transfer Is Reliable?

People might be asking is those type of transfer from the airports in the Dominican Republic are reliable or safe. The transfer service registers. The drivers are well train and vehicle are well-taking care because the are transporting tourist on vacation. Some of the company to maintain the safety and security of the passenger are alarm speeding in the vehicle just to make sure some other types of drivers don’t exceed the limited.


We hope you have and a good overview of the different type of airport transfer service. Here at Dominican Service Transfer offers one of the most reliable, count with exclusive airport service. Our mission and expertise are to give you the knowledge on a local base, and excellent customer service when you make us the very first best option for your holiday in the Dominican.  


Driving with us you can visit all the different major city: la capital of Dominican Republic Santo Domingo and all the areas interior  Punta Cana, Puerto Plata,  La Romana, and Samaná.

During your stay in the Dominican Republic, we will help you discover the beauty of the most exotic attraction. And Dominican Service Transfer we offer Top and exclusive service transfer. All the way to the Caribbean we drive with you, we stay with you and we Show you the best in paradise.


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